• IBFAN counters media scares on chemicals in breastmilk – and points to weaknesses in research study

August 2015 saw the release of the study “Breastfeeding as an Exposure Pathway for Perfluorinated Alkylates” and reports on the finding such as “Breastfeeding exposes babies to water- and stain-proofing chemicals”. These gave rise to sensationalist articles with headlines such as “Breastfeeding can expose babies to toxic chemicals: study links it to cancer, low immunity” and questions such as “How toxic is your breastmilk?”

IBFAN therefore sent a letter to the authors of the study and reports, to Dr Philippe Grandjean and to Dr. Brian Bienkowski: see the letter to the  Dr Philippe Grandjean and to Dr. Brian Bienkowski


  • Exposure to harmful chemicals affects the health and fertility of men as well as women. A 2014 Scandinavian study documents the disorders of male reproductive health that can be caused by exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals . Read More….  

Chemical residues – IBFAN calls for a balanced approach – We all live on the same planet: we are all, men and women, exposed to the same toxins and residues. Contamination by harmful chemicals concerns each and every one of us, irrespective of gender, culture or geographical location. Read More ….

  • Toxic inheritance (Friends of the Earth Europe, 2006)

Full report http://www.foeeurope.org/publications/2006/toxic_inheritance.pdf  

Summary http://www.foeeurope.org/publications/2006/toxic_inheritance_summary.pdf 


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