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Welcome to IBFAN-ICDC Publications   The International Code Documentation Centre (ICDC) was set up in 1991 on the 10th Anniversary of the Code to keep track of Code implementation worldwide. IBFAN-ICDC publications primarily serve as educational resources on the Code and resolutions for IBFAN groups, UN agencies, government legislators, health workers and other advocates interested protecting optimal infant and young child feeding.


ICDC publishes handbooks and guidelines on legal drafting for Code  implementation including Model Laws in several languages. It reports on what governments are doing regarding Code implementation (the State of the Code by Country), and on the evidence resulting from Code monitoring (Breaking the Rules).


Periodically, ICDC releases alerts, updates and focus reports on current issues that arise globally.





The following publications  are available fo download:

  • Legal Updates

  • ​ICDC Focus

  • Look What They are Doing 


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