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Considerations supporting our funding policy:

 1- IBFAN’s independence Rationale: Relations with commercial actors and the private sector may create conflicts of interest, lead to biased judgment and decisions, and damage IBFAN’s ability to advocate for women’s right to impartial information on infant and young child feeding; advocate for realization of the child’s right to the highest attainable standard of health; hold corporations accountable for their actions and demand compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

2- IBFAN’s integrity and reputation:
Rationale: Funding from any for-profit entities can lead to loss of reputation and raise questions about IBFAN’s integrity.

3- Solidarity with other social movement partners:Rationale: IBFAN’s work on breastfeeding and young child feeding is just one element in the global action to ensure an environment in which children can survive and reach the highest attainable standard of health.


 IBFAN does not seek or accept funds, donations, gifts or sponsorship from manufacturers or distributors (or their trusts or foundations) of infant and young child feeding and related products.

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Advisory note: In addition, IBFAN groups are encouraged not to accept funding from any other for-profit companies, especially food and drinks, alcohol, tobacco, arms, pharmaceutical and pesticide companies, and those that employ child labor or use violence against people. If any entity is considered for funding, IBFAN groups are expected to thoroughly check for bad practices and social implications of its actions. IBFAN groups should consult with their Regional Coordinating Offices on such matters. IBFAN’s Policy regarding possible funding, gifts or sponsorship from the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN): none acceptable. Adopted by IBCoCo, October 2010 IBFAN values its independence and groups are required to give a written undertaking not to seek or accept funds, donations or sponsorship from the infant feeding and related products industry. IBFAN groups should aim to include a clause to this effect in their constitution or statutes. Many IBFAN groups refuse any kind of commercial support as links between companies are not always obvious. In addition, our NGO partners working on other campaigns may have difficulties with a particular company and accepting funding from it may undermine their work. We cannot be too vigilant in this matter. Statement of the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) in support of WHO and UNICEF Breastfeeding Programs: Additional Clarification of the IBFAN Funding Policy, March 23,2015.