How To Become An Ibfan Group

  • “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing
  • that ever has.” Margaret MEAD, Anthropologist
  • To join IBFAN, read entirely the section: “What is IBFAN?” to make sure that your aims fit in with IBFANs.
  • IBFAN cherishes the differences between the groups that make it up, believing that people themselves
  • know how best they can contribute towards our common aims.
  • IBFAN values its independence and groups are required to give a written undertaking not to seek or accept funds, donations or sponsorship from the infant feeding and related products industry. IBFAN groups should aim to include a clause to this effect in their constitution or statutes. Click here for the IBFAN´s Funding Policy.
  • Many IBFAN groups refuse any kind of commercial support as links between companies are not always
  • obvious. In addition, our NGO partners working on other campaigns may have difficulties with a particular company and accepting funding from it may undermine their work. We cannot be too vigilant in this matter.
  • To get an application sheet for membership of the IBFAN Network, please contact your nearest Regional Coordinating Office.