Wha 68 14


26 May 2015


Maternal, infant and young child nutrition: development of the core set of indicators


The Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly, having considered the report on maternal, infant and young child nutrition: development of the core set of indicators,1 decided:


(1) to approve the additional core indicators for the global monitoring framework on maternal, infant and young child nutrition;

(2) to recommend that Member States report on the entire core set of indicators starting in 2016, with the exception of process indicators 1,2 43 and 64 and policy environment and capacity indicator 1,5 which will be reviewed by the Executive Board once available, for approval, and which will be reported on from 2018 onwards;

(3) to request the Director-General to provide additional operational guidance on how to generate the necessary data for indicators in different country contexts;

(4) to request the Director-General to review the indicators for the extended set and provide details of the definitions of those indicators, the availability of data and the criteria for their applicability to different country contexts;

(5) to recommend a review of the global nutrition monitoring framework in 2020.

(Ninth plenary meeting, 26 May 2015)


1 Document A68/9.

2 Proportion of children aged 6 to 23 months who receive a minimum acceptable diet.

3 Proportion of pregnant women receiving iron and folic acid supplements.

4 Proportion of mothers of children aged 023 months who have received counselling, support or messages on optimal breastfeeding at least once in the last year.

5 Number of trained nutrition professionals per 100 000 population.