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IBFAN – International Baby Food Action Network


SIGN the petition to ask Nestle to stop adding sugar and sweeteners to foods for babies and toddlers.

The release in April of the Public Eye/IBFAN exposé of how Nestlé markets Cerelac and Nido as beneficial for child development, despite containing high levels of added sugar have prompted widespread media coverage and enquiries by regulators in India, Nigeria or Bangladesh.  A Nestlé’s share price in India dropped to a 3-year low on 18th May (Nestlé’s Annual General Meeting). Public Eye and IBFAN have now submitted a formal request to the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to bring legal action against Nestlé under the unfair competition act for “unethical and unfair business practices” in low- and middle-income countries.  (Click Here).

Meanwhile Nestlé responds with its  usual dishonest assurances.  For example to  Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times Nestlé said that the products “…are based on the latest scientific guidelines, dietary recommendations… We have been providing nutritious, tasty and safe products to Sri Lankans for over 115 years. .. the Infant Cereal range is made from the goodness of cereals, milk, and fruits, tailored to the nutritional needs of growing children. Reduction of added sugar is a priority for Nestlé Lanka…”  Click here for more about Sri Lanka

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