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IBFAN – International Baby Food Action Network

Our Global Network

IBFAN is arranged into eight regional offices:

IBFAN is divided regionally with representatives from each region making up the IBFAN Coordinating Council (IBCoCo). Other IBFAN groups are members of IBCoCo as they have specialist responsibilities in the network.

Because of the occasionally sensitive nature of our work, all enquiries about IBFAN in a particular country must go through the REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES. They are:


IBFAN Africa 


IBFAN Afrique

IBFAN Arab World



IBFAN Europe


IBFAN Latin America and Caribbean

IBFAN Oceania


IBFAN North America


Global Program Offices

  1. IBFAN ICDC- International Code Documentation Centre (Code training and monitoring)

  2. IBFAN-GIFA- Liaison with WHO, UNICEF and other international organisations

  3. IBFAN Codex Alimentarius Global Programme

  4. Baby Milk Action- Company campaigns