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Reports On The Un Committee On The Rights Of The Child

Reports on the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
For more information on the discussions taking place at the review visit the Breastfeeding and Human Rights Blog





Report on the 71th Session /11-29 January 2016

- Benin (French),  ( English and Spanish summaries )

- France ,  ( French and Spanish summaries )


Report on the 70th Session /Sept-Oct 2015


Bangladesh ( French and Spanish summaries )

Brazil ( French and Spanish summaries )




Timor-Leste ( French and Spanish summaries )

-United Arab Emirates

Report on the 69th Session /May-June 2015



Report on the 68th session / January 2015

Report on the 67th session / September 2014


Croatia (Spanish summary )

Fiji (Spanish summary )

Hungary (Spanish summary )


Report on the 66th session / May-June 2014


Indonesia (see  Annex , Spanish summary )

Jordan  ( Spanish )


Report on the 65th session /  January 2014


Holy See

Portugal (english / spanish- see Annex Violations of the Code)



Report on the 64th session / September 2013

- China

- Kuwait

- Lithuania

- Luxembourg

- Monaco

- Sao Tome and Principe

- Tuvalu

Report on the 63rd Session / June 2013

- Armenia

- Guinea Bissau

- Israel

- Rwanda

- Slovenia

- Uzbekistan

Report on the 62nd Session

January 2013

- Guinea (english / french)

– Guyana

- Nieu Islands

- Malta

Report on the 61st Session

17 September / 5 October 2012

More Information

- Albania

– Andorra

- Austria (see Annex Violations of the Code)

– Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Canada

- Liberia

- Namibia

Report on the 60th Session

May/Jun 2012

- Algeria

- Australia

- Cyprus

- Greece (see Attachments on RAR file)

- Turkey

- Vietnam

Report on the 59th Session

Jan/Feb 2012

- Azerbaijan

- Cook Islands

- Madagascar

- Myanmar

- Thailand

- Togo

Report on the 58th Session

Sep/Oct 2011

- Italy 

- Iceland

- Panama

- Republic of Korea

- Seychelles

- Syrian Arabic Republic


Report on the 57th Session

May/Jun 2011


- Bahrein

- Cambodia

- Costa Rica

- Cuba

- Czech Republic

- Egypt 

- Finland

Report on the 56th Session of the CRC

Jan/Feb 2011

New Zealand


Report on the 55th Session / 56th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Sep/Oct 2010

CRC Table 55, September 2010

Angola (2nd/3rd/4th report)

Burundi (2nd report)

Guatemala (3rd/4th report)

Montenegro (1st report)

Nicaragua (4th report)

Spain (3rd/4th report)

Sri Lanka (3rd/4th report)

Sudan (3rd/4th report)

Report on the 54th Session / 55th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – May/Jun 2010

Argentina (3rd/4th report)

Belgium (3rd report)

Macedonia (2nd report)

Grenada (2nd report)

Japan (3rd report)

Nigeria (3rd/4th report)

Tunisia (3rd report)

Report on the 53rd Session/

54th Pre-Session of the CRC – Jan 2010

  • Burkina Faso

  • Cameroun Ecuador

  • El Salvador

  • Mongolia

  • Norway

  • Paraguay

  • Tajikistan

Report on the 52nd Session/ 53rd 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Sep/Oct 2009

Bolivia (4th report)

Mozambique (2nd report)

Pakistan (3rd/4th report)

The Philippines (3rd/4th report)

Qatar (2nd report)

Report on the 51st Session / 52nd 

Pre-Session of the CRC – May/Jun 2009

Bangladesh (3rd/4th report)

France (3rd/4th report)

Mauritania (2nd report)

Niger (2nd report)

Romania (3rd/4th report)

Sweden (4th report) 

Report on the 50th Session/51st 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Jan/Feb 2009

Chad (2nd report)

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (3rd and 4th reports)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (2nd report)

Malawi (2nd report)

Moldova (2nd and 3rd reports)

The Netherlands (3rd report)

Report on the 49th Session/50th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Sep/Oct 2008

Bhutan (2nd report)

Djibouti (2nd report)

United Kingdom (3rd report)

Report on the 48th Session/49th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – May/Jun 2008

Bulgaria (2nd report)

Eritrea (2nd and 3rd report)

Georgia (3rd report)

Serbia (1rst report)

Sierra Leone (2nd report)

Report on the 47th Session/48th 

Pre-Session on the CRC – Jan/Feb 2008

Dominican Republic (2nd report)

Timor Leste (1st report) 

Report on the 46th Session/47th 

Pre-Session on the CRC – Sep/Oct 2007

Venezuela (2nd report)

Report on the 45th Session/46th 

Pre-Session on the CRC – May/Jun 2007


Report on the 44th Session/45th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Jan/Feb 2007

Chile (3rd report)

Honduras (3rd report)

Kenya (2nd report)

Malaysia (1st report)

Mali (2nd report)

Marshall Islands (2nd report)

Suriname (2nd report)

Report on the 43rd Session/44th 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Sep/Oct 2006

Bénin (2nd report)

Ethiopia (3rd report)

Ireland (2nd report)

Jordan (3rd report)

Kiribati (initial report)

Oman (2nd report)

Republic of Congo (initial)

Samoa (initial)

Senegal (2nd report)

Swaziland (initial report)

Report on the 42nd Session/43rd 

Pre-Session of the CRC – May/Jun 2006

Colombia (3rd report)

Latvia (2nd report)

Lebanon (3rd report)

Mexico (3rd report)

Tanzania (2nd report)

Turkmenistan (initial report)

Uzbekistan (2nd report)

Report on the 41th Session/41st 

Pre-Session of the CRC – Jan/Feb 2006

Azerbaijan (2nd report)

Ghana (2nd report)

Hungary (2nd report)

Liechtenstein (2nd report)

Lithuania (2nd report)

Mauritius (2nd report)

Peru (3rd report)

Saudi Arabia (2nd report)

Thailand (2nd report)

Trinidad & Tobago (2nd report)

Report on the 40th Session of the CRC – Sep/Oct 2005

Algeria (2nd report)

Australia (2nd + 3rd report)

China (2nd report)

Denmark (3rd report)

Finland (3rd report)

Russian Federation (3rd review)

Uganda (2nd report)

Report on the 39th Session of the CRC – May/June 2005

Bosnia & Herzegovina (inicial report)

Costa Rica (3rd report)

Ecuador (3rd report)

Mongolia (2nd report)

Nepal (2nd report)

Nicaragua (3rd report)

Norway (3rd report)

Philippines (2nd report)

St Lucia (initial report)

Yemen (3rd report)

Report on the 38th Session of the CRC – Jan/Feb 2005

Albania (initial report)

Austria (2nd report)

Bahamas (initial report)

Belize (2nd report)

Bolivia (3rd report)

Iran (2nd report)

Luxembourg (2nd report)

Nigeria (2nd report)

Sweden (3rd report)

Togo (2nd report)

Report on the 37th Session of the CRC – Sep 2004

Angola (initial report)

Antigua & Barbuda (initial report)

Botswana (initial report)

Brazil (initial report)

Croatia (2nd report)

Equatorial Guinea (initial report)

Kyrgyzstan (2nd report)

Report on the 36th Session of the CRC – May 2004

Dominica (initial report)

El Salvador (2nd report)

France (2nd report)

DPR Korea (2nd report)

Liberia (initial report)

Myanmar (2nd report)

Panama (2nd report)

Rwanda (2nd report)

Sao Tome & Principe (initial report)

Report on the 35th Session of the CRC – January 2004

Armenia (2nd report)

Germany (2nd report)

Guyana (initial report)

India (2nd report)

Indonesia (2nd report)

Japan (2nd report)

The Netherlands and Aruba (2nd report)

Papua New Guinea (initial report)

Slovenia (2nd report)

IBFAN report: Child Rights and Health. NGOs Making a Difference


Report on the 34th Session of the CRC – October 2003

Bangladesh (2nd report)

Brunei Darussalam (initial report)

Canada (2nd report)

Georgia (2nd report)

Madagascar (2nd report)

New Zealand (2nd report)

Pakistan (2nd report)

San Marino (initial report)

Singapore (initial report)

Report on the 32nd Session of the CRC – January/February 2003

Czech Republic (2nd report)

Estonia (initial report)

Haiti (initial report)

Iceland (2nd report)

Italy (2nd report)

Republic of Korea (2nd report)

Romania (2nd report)

Vietnam (2nd report)

Report on the 31st Session of the CRC – September/October 2002

Argentina (2nd report)

Burkina Faso (2nd report)

Israel (initial report)

Moldova (initial report)

Poland (2nd report)

Seychelles (initial report)

Sudan (2nd report)

Ukraine (2nd report)

United Kingdom (2nd report)

Report on the 30th Session of the CRC – May/June 2002

Belarus (2nd report)

Belgium (2nd report)

Guinea-Bissau (initial report)

the Netherlands Antilles (initial report)

Niger (initial report)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (initial report)

Spain (2nd report)

Switzerland (initial report)

Tunisia (2nd report)

United Arab Emirates (initial report)